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vertaling van Incentive

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vertaling van Incentive

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Incentive in Engels
encourage; stimulate

Woordenboek bron: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Incentive in Engels
(v.) = fuel ; lead + Nombre + on ; provide + an incentive ; mobilise [mobilize, -USA] ; set + alight ; incentivise [incentivize, -USA].
Ex: This is in line with recent trends in the historical sciences generally fuelled by the feeling that in the past historians did not pay enough attention to what is, after all, the majority of humanity.
Ex: While poking about among books children naturally discuss those they have read, swopping responses, and so leading each other on.
Ex: Such a concept came as a great surprise to many information educators who rather dismissively regarded the information qua information field of activity as being too limiting to provide incentives to graduates to enter.
Ex: It is time for all librarians to change their attitudes and become involved, to seek funds and mobilise civic organisations and businesses in cooperative efforts.
Ex: However, the spark that really set librarians alight came from outside Australia.
Ex: For authors to be incentivised to change their behaviour and submit their articles for e-publishing, the incentive system needs to be modified to reward this behaviour.
* incentivar la economía = stimulate + the economy.

Woordenboek bron: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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